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THE LIFE OF OUR MODERN SCHOOL MOVEMENT OUR REVIEW THE EDUCATOR It is not to do our review a large publication of information that claims to have a large audience.

THE LIFE OF OUR MODERN SCHOOL MOVEMENT OUR REVIEW THE EDUCATOR It is not to do our review a large publication of information that claims to have a large audience.

If we need to statutes, regulations and court decisions to organize our cooperation is that we are not living up to our responsibilities and the ties that bind us need to be reinforced by authorities we are outside. We will say that, as in C. E. L. than the I.C.E.M. we always worked us to the statutes, except as regards legal and tax formalities.

We never voted, not even A.C. or A.G. the C.E.L., except in two or three critical circumstances when foreign elements in our mind would have wanted to refer to these statutes and the laws to disturb our life and work. If the thing was possible to C.E.L. where significant funds are committed and therefore decisions are always difficult, it is obviously easier in the I.C.E.M .. That statutes and regulations involved in the key – as with C.E.L. – questions of rights, allocations of funds or interest, this is undeniable.

And we will develop these statutes to guarantee the rights of all workers comrades. Generally these clarifications are not even our responsibility, but that of the Fiscal Council or lawyers. But in terms of our work, it would be an insult to idealism and camaraderie workers I.C.E.M. to think that we will be enshrined in laws or regulations provide and direct the terms of our operation.

We are a group of researchers and selfless workers, and for this reason we must always be able to agree on terms of friendship; as we are always able to agree on terms of pedagogy, even if we do not agree on the various forms of the practice – which is inevitable and natural if we want our education remains appropriate weather, environment and individuals. I can affirm this reality common to us, and is also consistent with our teaching, we do good work, and each other, if we trust between comrades.

If this confidence, this camaraderie are some troubled time, the quality of our work suffers immediately. Our main role will be to try to eliminate foreign objects that impede the operation of our business. The thing is relatively easy, without having recourse to the statutes or the law. Just require that we know that all our work is always made cooperatively as part of our movement, in the exclusive sense of this common search which is our reason for being.

This is because, in general, those who come to us by careerism do not make a long career as unprofitable, we always find ourselves between friends, between members of the same family, better than a kinship, of a spiritual family, a working community, and it’s always work that unites us. With two or three exceptions, on some seven or eight thousand comrades who have worked with us for thirty years, we have worked and worked well, with the success you know.

As for us, we do not work otherwise and it would be impossible to work with peers who, by their actions, might disturb the atmosphere of trust and unity. I think, therefore, that it would be wrong and dangerous to follow two or three Parisian comrades who, for purposes which we know the real reasons, would push us to discuss at length the Congress of statutes and rules of procedure of ICEM, as if we were in danger of being strengthened when we come out of our Saturday night session with black registered regulations white but with a troubled mind, and our confidence shaken.

There is only one question to ask at the meeting of departmental delegates and officials Commission which has always been considered A.G. the I.C, E.M. “Are we still all agree to work in complete do my history assignment
camaraderie by integrating always cooperatively our individual and collective activity across our complex movement? “. It can not be discussed, nor reserves. We will not vote. As always, our meeting will be open to all comrades, but we ask in principle to leave voice deliberatrice managers.

In principle only. And then we shall designate, among the best workers, the Board of Directors which will appoint its Bureau. I agree with our Parisian friends (proposals Lebreton, Faligand and Gaudin) to be designated various Commissions, during the Congress and then also if possible, will study: – The Press I.C.E.M. ; – The departmental and regional newsletters; – The relationship C.E.L. – I.C.E.M. – Techniques Freinet – A.M.E. etc … – The harmonization of regional activities; – Internships ; – The F.I.M.E, M. and international relations; – Life Groups; – Files mp educators; – Class-control, etc …

There is no doubt, considerable work to be undertaken, which is difficult with letters and it would be desirable to see clear Congress A wrap-up session could be devoted to the results of this work. But for the same work, we all trust the comrades who would take charge well.

If we agree on intangible principles, everything else is technical qu’amenagement, which can not raise any objection in principle Moreover we then will change along the way if necessary decisions, to use, will prove as inefficient. We also ask our comrades not overburdening regulations our movement Modern School. If it is solidly organized groups that might be able to put up there are others who, for various valid reasons, would be paralyzed.

We have to remain cautious even in principle, claimed by some comrades, the group membership. While accession is highly desirable. Yet I can not forget that it is, in some lost positions far from any center and opportunities to attend meetings of the comrades who devote their evenings to prepare BT, supplements, reports, and making the best of learning the life of the Modern School.

And we prefer to keep an unusually open move, even if it is we sometimes some problems, rather than move towards a bureaucracy that is not in our character. All those – teachers, professors, parents, doctors, psychologists – who are interested in our work, collaborate with our extensive business: each according to his temperament and his possibilities in this Freinet spirit that was so far our rallying point.

Our solutions, our education, our Groups, our Newsletters as our school newspaper will be different as is diverse life in the various regions of our country. We will try to harmonize in our ongoing experimental syntheses.

And by the way, you will be important to know, leaving St Etienne, we added a few lines to the statutes that none of us will consult .. must by all against us to return with the certainty that tousensemble in comradely, we could get even the beautiful useful work, and that we could mobilize our movement Modern School as in our classrooms, the most dynamic and richest of forces, which feeds continuously to our common enthusiasm, our concern for useful work in progress of the secular school and live in our classrooms and in our groups according fruitful labor standards and humanity that should always animate all our educators and business, the most beautiful jobs. C. FREINET.

THE LIFE OF OUR MODERN SCHOOL MOVEMENT OUR REVIEW THE EDUCATOR It is not to do our review a large publication of information that claims to have a large audience. Just as we gave up lecturing to hundreds or thousands of people with whom we can barely elicit an impulse of curiosity rarely acted upon. We are a working group and we must remain so.

That is the extent educators see classes in action, equipment and exhibits that they will understand the true scope of our technical, What bothers us is the diversity of the public that we serve: more teachers or less experienced who wish to work 2nd degree beginners waiting CEG initiation document and 2nd degree now concerned; Learning Centers; diverse backgrounds interested, by culture or profession of the need to Modern School and now we will touch the A.M.E. ; teachers, inspectors, psychologists and philosophers who want to bring their views into consideration of a pedagogy in which the question is to know today whether to directly influence the French school.

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